‘Vermeer to Here – Architectural Photography an Exploration’
From Aristotle to Vermeer, from Daguerre to Moholy-Nagy, from Lissitzy to The Bechers, join Peter on his journey through the history of our obsession with visually recording our transient physical world.
These two 45min webinars / in person lectures are ideal for Media/Art & Design/ Architecture students, for CPDs and Friday talks:
Part 1: History of optics in painting from 1430 to 1806. With special focus on the controversies around Vermeer’s ‘Little Street’ 1657/58.
Part 2: Emergence of photography in 1839 and a history of architectural photography to the present.

Recipients to date include: Alison Brookes Architects, AHMM, Bedford College, CZWG Architects, EPR Architects, Haptic Architects, Innes Associates, Levitt Bernstein, Metropolitan Workshop, MJP Architects, Shepheard Epstein Hunter, Stiff & Trevillion Architects, Nissen Richards.

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Currently in progress for 2022
'Photography: Truth & Reality, The Three Caves of Desire'
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