Photography is always about time, the passing of time, a capturing of time, the physical manifestation of memory, a framed array of personal meaningful triggers, both a window and a mirror into and of our imaginings.
‘Vermeer to Here – Architectural Photography an Exploration’
From Aristotle to Vermeer, from Daguerre to Moholy-Nagy, from Lissitzky to The Bechers, join Peter on his journey through the history of our obsession with visually recording our transient physical world.
These two 45min webinars / in person lectures are ideal for Media/Art & Design/ Architecture students, for CPDs and Friday talks:
Part 1: History of optics in painting from 1430 to 1806. With special focus on the controversies around Vermeer’s ‘Little Street’ 1657/58.
Part 2: Emergence of photography in 1839 and a history of architectural photography to the present.

Recipients to date include: 
Alison Brookes Architects, AHMM, Bedford College, CZWG Architects, EPR Architects, Haptic Architects, Innes Associates, Levitt Bernstein, Metropolitan Workshop, MJP Architects, Shepheard Epstein Hunter, Stiff & Trevillion Architects, Nissen Richards.​​​​​​​
Three Caves of Desire - Photography, Truth and Reality an Exploration
In an age where the naive trust in the fidelity of the photograph is fractured, image manipulation software enables the production of photographic realism in the complete absence of the physical subject. 
The virtual image is now everywhere.​​​​​​​
Yet the power of the photograph as a site of truth and reality persists. 
This talk will explore the history and nature of our evolving relationship with the projected image/photograph, as we strive to capture 'our slice' of eternity.

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